I am committed to providing the very best service to you as your virtual assistant with my number one goal to treat your business like my own.

You can count on me to provide excellent customer service to you and your clients/customers. If you would like to know how we can work together, contact me to discuss.

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By using my
services as an

Independent Virtual Assistant Professionalyou can save money verses hiring an employee. The costs an employer incurs per employee includes:
Recruitment, Salary, Payroll Taxes, Insurance, Sickness, Maternity Leave, Pension, Benefits, & Employers Liability Insurance. You will also need to provide the following for an onsite employee: Office space, Office equipment, Telephone, Computer, Software and other necessary products and tools.

My services include: Social Media, Email Campaigns, Newsletters, Facebook Ads, Blogs, Desktop Publishing, Webmaster, WordPress Websites, Administrative Tasks, Word Processing, Spreadsheets & Data Entry. My services give you an opportunity to increase manpower without any extra expenses of full time employees, no taxes and other benefits.


 The key to freeing up your time  and the solution for all you administrative needs.

 Contact me to reduce hours from your work  week, de-stress & focus only on those things that require your attention. 

I can help you with all the things you don't have time to do.

As an Entrepreneur /  Virtual Assistant, I am committed to providing the very best administrative / creative / technical service to support your business.

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